Student Housing in Lincoln

Student Housing in Lincoln

As a student, don’t you want to live in a house that’s suited to your lifestyle and needs? We Are Kin homes in Lincoln are designed specifically for university students who want comfortable, no-hassle housing during their studies.

Renting a Student Home in Lincoln

When you move to Lincoln to attend university, you’re taking a big step. Not only are you living alone for the first time, but you’re also in a strange city – not to mention, you still have to attend lectures and complete coursework. To let you focus on studying, getting to know the city, and making new friends, We Are Kin has designed student homes that fit your new lifestyle.

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Superfast Broadband

How can you complete your assignments without Internet access? You can’t! Our Lincoln homes are all equipped with superfast broadband – which is included in your monthly rent. There’s no need to provide a local broadband provider or settle for sub-par Internet service. Youcan connect to your new home’s network as soon as you move in.

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Our Lincoln student housing comes furnished with modern, tasteful furniture that stands the test of time. You won’t find cheap, poorly made furnishings that you find in other student accommodations. In We Are Kin homes, you’ll have everything you need, from living room furniture to a desk in your bedroom for studying.

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Our Lincoln student homes are located near the city’s major universities, as well as by local shops, restaurants, and other amenities. We carefully chose the location of our Lincoln student housing to provide you with the essentials as well as entertainment. You may also find many other students living in the same area as you, giving you a great chance to socialise.


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All Inclusive Billing

With our Lincoln student homes, you pay one fee each month – and that’s it. It covers your rent and all expenses for the house, even if you have housemates. Each resident has their own bill with We Are Kin, so you don’t have to worry about hounding your housemates for their share of the rent.


No Deposit Required

At We Are Kin, we’re all about making student housing easy. For us, that means requiring no deposit from you upon move-in. When you live in our student houses in Lincoln, you won’t have to fear greedy landlords who hang on to your deposit at the end of term.

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Smart Maintenance

Between studying, exploring Lincoln, and cultivating a social life, who has time for home repairs and maintenance? With our Smart Maintenance app, you can put in a request for a repair or maintenance project and we will receive it and respond in no time.

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