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How it works

Kin homes are specifically designed 
to your needs.

So what makes us different?

We are not a big corporate property company that invests in student housing. We are an independent business that only runs homes for students.

We’re well-financed and experienced but have the freedom to be fair and do things that make a difference to one customer – students
like you.

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Looked after by us

And we mean it. We can jump on issues as quickly as possible and do things differently to make your experience special.

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Speedy connections

Each of our homes has superfast broadband, so you can do your next online thing as quickly as possible without any spinning wheels of pain.

Student Housing in Lincoln 1

Ready for living in.

When we say homes, we mean a home, a fully equipped home

Kitchens ready to cook in

Bedrooms to be comfy in

Living rooms made to chill in.

Bathrooms for relaxing in and, of course, lots of space to study in.

Flat 4, 169 Kensington, Liverpool 1

Close to the good stuff

Our homes are always close to campus, and we think about things like parks, cycle routes, supermarkets and good places to hang out; we can’t promise an artisan bakery on every corner – you may have to pick some up on the way home


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No deposit stress

We like to think life is about trust. We’re happy to trust you; our house is your place to make a home, and we don’t ask for a deposit. It makes it easier to move in, and it takes a big stress out of moving out.


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Technology to make things easier

We pride ourselves on homes where everything works. But sometimes things break, or someone gets confused with the washing machine settings.

We have an app to report and sort problems fast and help troubleshoot little issues like spin cycles.

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Only ever pay your share

We like to make things easier. That means you make one monthly payment for your portion of the rent and the utility bills. We can’t make it any easier or fairer, so enough said.

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