How To Rent Your Home

All your questions answered

How do we book a viewing?

Just select the “Book Viewing” button on any of our property pages and you can request the best time that works for you.

Our team will then schedule the viewing in and confirm if it can go ahead at that time.

Is my holding payment refundable?

The holding payment for the property is non-refundable prior to the tenancy starting. This is because once you pay the holding payment we will actively turn away any other interested groups from the property.

This means that if you decide not to go ahead with the property after committing to the holding payment then it will not be returned.

Once the tenancy begins the holding deposit is deducted from your first rent payment.

If for any reason we are unable to let the property to you once you have paid the holding payment then the holding payment will be returned in full.


We loved the home, how do we reserve it?

It is really easy to reserve a property. All we need is a holding payment of 1 week’s rent. This is comes off your first month’s rent so is just a little bit of rent upfront. This allows us to take the property completely off the market for you whilst we go through the contract signing process for you. 

  • To reserve the property all you need to do is transfer 1 week’s rent per person who will rent the property to the following bank account. Please then email proof to the lettings team on
Account Name – We Are Kin (Students) Ltd
Account Number – 29956501
Sort Code – 50-00-00
  • Then Provide us with the Full Name, Email Address and Phone Number of every resident. 
Is there a cancellation policy?

Before You Have Signed An Agreement

If you have paid a holding payment and then decide to not rent the property then you will not be bound an agreement. The holding payment is only refundable in a situation where we have to withdraw the property from you.

After Signing An Agreement

If you have signed the agreement you are bound by the terms of it and from the start of the tenancy you will be liable for the rent in the agreement.

However if you still need to end the agreement you can do so by finding someone to take the agreement over from you. Once they have signed up you will no longer be liable for your part of the agreement.

We can help find someone to take over an agreement, however make no promises to be able to and until such a point that a replacement resident is found you remain liable for the rental payments.

Can we see the contract first?


You can see a sample contract at this link. Our contracts can be joint for a group taking a house, or can be individual if you just want a room!

We include the guarantor agreement on the contract.

View Sample Contract and Guarantor Agreement

How do we sign the contract?

Our contract signing process is completely online and very easy.

You will receive an email with a link to log-in to your portal to complete your information for your contract. At this point you will also tell us who your guarantor is and they will get a similar email.

Once all of your information has been entered you can view the contract and sign it online.


How does the guarantor work?

In order to let you the room or property we need a guarantor for each resident to guarantee your rent. This means that you can rent a property from us even if you don’t have a credit score.

It is important to note that we do not ask your guarantor to guarantee the rent for the whole property, only for you.

If you do not have a guarantor you can easily sign up with Housing Hand through our system, or we can discuss larger upfront rent payments.

What happens once I sign?

Once you and your guarantor have signed the contract, and the rest of your group if your contract is joint, then it is signed by us and the house is officially yours!

We will be in touch a few months out from move in with our resident guide and some other great tips before moving in.

Can I leave early and get the remainder of my rent back?

Unfortunately, you are committed under the tenancy agreement to pay the full rent.

If you find a new resident, we’ll let you out of your agreement from the day they move in, and refund you any unused rent that you’ve paid in advance (minus a £50 admin fee)*.

We cannot refund your rent until you have found someone to take over your tenancy agreement, their booking is confirmed and they have paid the first instalment of their rent.

What is the payment schedule?

We try to be as flexible as possible with our payment schedules. We understand that for most of our residents it is better to make payments when student loans come in termly.

Our termly payments are usually due in the middle of October, January and April with a small payment due at the beginning of the contract prior to moving in.

You can also pay monthly if that is easier, they just need to let us know before the contract goes out.

What is included in my rent?

Your rent includes the following:

Electricity, Gas (if applicable), water, tv license.

We provide the following free of charge:

Broadband, Contents Insurance

Holiday clean (once during Christmas and Easter break)

What do we do about council tax?

If you are a student you are exempt from council tax. All we need is a council tax exemption certificate from your University and we will apply for the exemption for you.

If you are not a student then you will be liable for the council tax for the property. Often the council tax is demanded from the owners and then we will invoice this amount from you.

If you are the only non-student in a property with students you are often eligible for a 25% council tax discount.