Student homes that get you

We believe most student houses aren’t good enough, and not all landlords cut students a great deal.

So, we decided we’ll be all about fairly priced, cleverly designed student homes in good locations where everything works and being hands-on, ethical landlords.

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64, Monson Street, Lincoln 1

Making better easier

Interior designed student homes created with you and your mates in mind with essentials like superfast broadband and sustainable electricity sorted.

No deposits; you can do things online, and you’ll always have a contactable human looking out for you and your home.

64, Monson Street, Lincoln 1

Simply good design

We don’t compromise on quality, and we don’t just chuck in a house plant and call it styled. We take pride in designing homes for students that they’re proud to show off

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  • Flat 2, 169 Kensington, Liverpool
  • 64, Monson Street, Lincoln 1
  • Flat 4, 169 Kensington, Liverpool 1
  • 64, Monson Street, Lincoln 5
  • 85, Halsbury Road,, Liverpool 3
  • 124, Adelaide Road,, Liverpool 1
  • Lincoln 95

Where you need to be?

We aren’t in every university town, but here’s where we have houses close to campus with rooms between £95 and £165 per week

Why choose We Are Kin?

We’ve been doing this a while, and we’re always asking what it’s like being students today. So we hope we know what you expect and the extras that make renting and living easier.

Superfast Broadband

Quality Furniture

Great Locations

All Inclusive Billing

No deposit required

Smart maintenance