Renting a Student Home in Liverpool

For young university students, living away from home is definitely an adjustment. We Are Kin makes bill pay easy, and provides furniture and services that you need as a student. Our student homes are here to make the transition to university life seamless. During this time, you should focus on being a student.
Student Housing in Liverpool

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Superfast Broadband

Each of our student homes comes equipped with superfast broadband. Today’s university students cannot go without an Internet connection – most projects, assignments, and research require it. You won’t have to haul your stuff to the university campus each time you need fast broadband. You can finish your coursework from the comfort of your own home.
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All We Are Kin homes come fully furnished with tasteful, modern furniture. We select student home furnishings for comfort, functionality, and durability. We also carefully craft an interior design for each home that’s coherent and contemporary.
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All of our Liverpool student homes are conveniently located near the University of Liverpool, as well as local amenities. Shops, supermarkets, parks, restaurants, and pubs are all nearby. You can find anything you need around the corner from our student homes, with a short commute
time to your university as well.
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All Inclusive Billing

When you choose a We Are Kin student house, you don’t have to keep track of separate bills or press your housemates to pay their share. All billing is inclusive, so you pay one bill each month for your portion of rent and expenses. Managing your money is important as a university student, and we make it easier for you.
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No Deposit Required

Don’t have the cash to pay a deposit and first month’s rent upfront? No problem. We Are Kin doesn’t charge you a deposit. So there’s no need to fear greedy landlords who unfairly hang on to your deposit money at the end of term.
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Smart Maintenance

We Are Kin uses a Smart Maintenance app to receive and resolve any maintenance issues your student home may have. No more calling the landlord and waiting a week for someone to come fix your radiator during the cold Liverpool winter. Our maintenance team will solve your problems quickly so you can get back to what matters.
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