We Are Kin (Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm): 0204 524 7035

Your Kin Keeper is our person on the ground who is there to help with as many issues as possible as quickly as possible. Please log all maintenance items via the resident portal, this way we can better track your request and ensure it is dealt with as quickly as possible.


If you need to contact us outside of office hours then please call the office number (0204 524 7035) and you will be re-directed to our out of hours service who will handle your request – please only call our of hours if there is an emergency.

What is an Emergency?

An emergency is a situation where the building is under threat of significant damage or is unsafe. In most cases we will carry out work quickly to prevent further damage or to make safe with the full repair being assessed during normal working hours.

For guidance the following would constitute an emergency;

  • Immediate danger to a resident’s safety or serious damage to the building
  • Gas leak/emergency – in first instance contact National Grid on 0800 111999
  • A serious water leak that cannot be contained and is causing damage to the property. I.E a significant flooding event.
  • Complete failure of electrics (power supplier to be first point of contact). This does not include tripped circuit breakers which just need to be turned back on.
  • Breakdown of heating in sub-zero temperatures at the start of a weekend/holiday
  • A sounding fire/intruder alarm that cannot be silenced
  • Lock out of property where student is rendered vulnerable
  • Please note – in most circumstances, loss of heating or hot water is not treated as an emergency and will normally be attended on the next working day.

If a problem that you have reported is due to lack of care or misuse by you or other residents occupying the property, you will be charged for the cost of putting it right.

Our key holders do hold spare keys in case of an emergency maintenance issue. Our contractors may still need to gain access via residents to make the necessary repairs.

It is therefore in your best interest to be available for appointments made with contractors to ensure the repairs are carried out as quickly as possible.